Gambling Awareness

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2-1-1 can be accessed by phone or computer. A toll-free call to 2-1-1 connects you to a community resource specialist in your area who can put you in touch with local organizations that provide critical services that can improve—and save—lives. You’ll find information about:

  • supplemental food and nutrition programs
  • shelter and housing options and utilities assistance
  • emergency information and disaster relief
  • employment and education opportunities
  • services for veterans
  • health care, vaccination and health epidemic information
  • addiction prevention and rehabilitation programs
  • reentry help for ex-offenders
  • support groups for individuals with mental illnesses or special needs
  • a safe, confidential path out of physical and/or emotional domestic abuse

Whether in times of natural disaster or personal crisis, 2-1-1 is committed to being the first, most essential resource to anyone who needs help.

2016 March Calendar:

Week 1 – Prevention

Tuesday 1 – Women:

“Did you know March is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month? We hope you can help us all to Have the Conversation about gambling with your friends and family. Someone you know may be struggling and need to talk to someone today. Call our toll-free, anonymous helpline: (888) 789-7777

Wednesday 2 – Youth:

Before your teens head off to college, have the conversation about finances, managing debt, and the risks of gambling. 1 in 8 compulsive gamblers are teens. Please share our messages with your friends and family throughout the month of March – National Problem Gambling Awareness Month #havetheconvo

Thursday 3 – General/Veterans:

Are you unsure if you’re effected by a loved one’s gambling? If you answer yes to 6 or more of these questions you are most likely living with a problem gambler. Call (888) 789-7777 and #Havetheconvo with us today.

Friday 4 – Older adults:

Check out these financial tips for older adults here!

Saturday 5 – Lower socioeconomic groups/persons of color:

Did you know? Hispanic male student-athletes reported the highest problem gambling and gambling disorder rates.

Sunday 6 – Persons affected:

If your loved one is affected by problem gambling consider looking into one of these meetings today. *insert your states meetings here*

Week 2 – Intervention

Monday 7 – Men:

Did you know?Nearly 25% of males bet on sports in an average month. #havetheconvo

Tuesday 8 – Women:

Watch now as Bea Aikens from Lanie’s Hope shares her story of gambling and recovery.

Wednesday 9 – Youth:

Gambling is the fastest growing addiction among youth. 1 in 8 compulsive gamblers are now teenagers! Have the conversation with your kids about responsible gambling – especially non-traditional gambling like on-line games, sports betting, lottery tickets, etc.

Thursday 10 – General/Veterans:

“Military gambling is a big business. About $2 billion flows through military-owned slot machines at officers' clubs, activities centers and bowling alleys on overseas bases each year. Most flows back out as jackpots, but 6 percent remains with the house, about the same ratio as in Las Vegas.”

Friday 11 – Older adults:

Did you know? Many older adults may not understand addiction, making them less likely to identify a gambling problem; additionally, older adults appear less willing to seek assistance for a gambling problem than younger adults.

Saturday 12 – Lower socioeconomic groups/persons of color:

If you know someone who needs help with problem gambling but doesn’t speak English, share this website containing translated materials with them!

Sunday 13 – Persons affected:

Today is Selection Sunday. If you are feeling the urge to place a March Madness bet call our confidential helpline number today at (888) 789-7777. You can also take advantage of our 24/7 online chat by visiting

Have you filled out a March Madness Bracket? A 2009 Microsoft survey estimated that 58 million Americans fill out sports brackets each year, and according to Las Vegas oddsmaker, about $12 billion is wagered on the March Madness tournament, making March the largest month for individual bets. March is also National Problem Gambling Awareness Month. Share this post with friends and family and remember to #havetheconvo!

Week 3 – Treatment

Monday 14 – Men:

Did you know? Student athletes in major team sports like football and basketball appeared significantly more likely to gamble, gamble frequently, have high risk behaviors, gamble more money and develop gambling problems than other athletes. Call us today at (888) 789-7777 to #havetheconversation with us today.

Tuesday 15 – Women:

“Problem Gambling is treatable and preventable.” Call us today at (888) 789-7777 to learn more about different treatment options available for you.

Note: Today is the first game of March Madness.

Wednesday 16 – Youth:

If you think your friend has a gambling problem, talk to them about it today! #HavetheConvo

Thursday 17 – General/Veterans:

Take a look at this video titled “He’s Not the Same.” Produced by the New York Council on Compulsive Gambling, this powerful video is about a veteran and his struggles with problem gambling.

Friday 18 – Older adults:

Did you know? People coping with big changes or losses are more vulnerable to developing gambling problems; many older adults face life transitions and losses (deaths, retirement, illness, isolation).

Saturday 19 – Lower socioeconomic groups/persons of color:

Click here to take a self-test for financial troubles. If you find you answered yes to any questions, call us today at (888) 789-7777and we can provide you with financial resources.

Sunday 20 – Persons affected:

“What About You?” If you are affected by a loved one’s gambling take a look at this video now. You are not alone.

Week 4 – Recovery

Monday 21 – Men:

If you think you might have a gambling problem take a moment and answer these simple questions. #HavetheConvo. Message us today if you need help or have any questions.

Tuesday 22 – Women:

“Although Dianne is not a big football fan, she’ll never forget the Monday Night Football game between the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys on January 3, 1983. It was the first major bet her husband, Don, placed on a football game. He bet a whopping $1,500 – an amount to cover accumulated gambling losses to date – and lost.” Click here to read the rest of Dianne’s story.

Wednesday 23 – Youth:

Take this quiz to see how much you know about gambling! #HavetheConvo with us today if you have any questions.

Thursday 24 – General/Veterans:

Play for fun, not to make money.If you gamble, the result is never certain and losing is always a possibility. Consider gambling as a form of entertainment, like going out for dinner or seeing a movie – not as a source of income.

Friday 25 – Older adults:

Did you know? Approximately 28.7% of U.S. adults over the age of 65 gamble recreationally (i.e., they gamble more than 5 times in a year).

Saturday 26 – Lower socioeconomic groups/persons of color:

“Don’t Gamble with your Recovery!” Watch this short video about how important your recovery is!

Sunday 27 – Persons affected:

If you are affected by a loved one and their gambling visit this website for help today! #havetheconvo #NPGAM

Monday 28 – Men:

If you think you might have a gambling problem take a moment and answer these simple questions. #HavetheConvo. Message us today if you need help or have any questions.

Tuesday 29 – Women:

Don’t gamble with your recovery! Call us today if you’re struggling with recovery. We are here to help! (888) 789-7777

Read this powerful story about a woman in recovery. #havetheconvo with us today if we can help you with your recovery in any way!

Wednesday 30 – Youth:

Thursday 31 – General/Veterans:

Take a look at this short video about veterans titled; “Gambling for the Adrenaline Rush.”

NOTE: April 4th–Championship March Madness Game